Baragatan Festival 2011

Place: Puerto Princesa  (22 May 2021 - 02 Jun 2021 )

During the Palawan Baragatan Festival visitors can see people from the towns wearing the most colourful and elaborate creations that represent the heritage and traditions of where they live. The streets will be filled with hundreds of dancers as they work their way along in a carnival style procession singing and performing well known songs.

A sizeable sum also waits for teams finishing in second place with P700,000 on offer along with P300,000 for third and so each municipality puts all its efforts into the designs and choreography to create an amazing spectacle for viewers.

In addition to the dances visitors booked into hotels in Palawan throughout the festival dates between 22nd May and 2nd June 2011 can see a diverse programme of activities. There’ll be competitions for bands, a Pop Idol styled competition for singers and even a choral singing contest. Visitors can also try the delicious food from the region too, with stalls setting up everywhere to cook fresh produce and local delicacies.

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