Hotels in El Nido

El Nido, is located 238 kms northwest of the capital city, Puerto Princesa and is a 5-6 hour drive. Named after the swiftlets, which nest in its high cliffs, the town of El Nido has been gaining in popularity as a destination to visit, spurred on by the success of the book and film "The Beach", the TV Series "Survivor" and the film "Bourne Legacy"

Starting out with families renting out spare rooms in their homes, El Nido now has a large number of resorts and hotels to accommodate its visitors.  Some are in the town and overlooking the beach, others are higher up in the hillside, with views across El Nido's magnificent bay.

El Nido's surrounding areas boast diverse ecosystems such as limestone reefs, mangroves, coral reefs, rainforests and white sand beaches and an El Nido Tour is a vital component of your stay and should not be missed.

El Nido has no ATM machines, so cash is the king!  Some hotels will accept credit card payments but it is best to make sure you have budgeted ahead for your stay.

El Nido also has a STRICT policy against swim wear being worn around the town, in restuarants and bars.  As with smoking, there are heavy fines levied against anyone in breach of this.