Hotels in Taytay, Palawan

Taytay, Palawan is a small, quiet fishing town, located about an hour from El Nido, making it an ideal place to break up your journey, should you be travelling to or from Puerto Princesa. 

Taytay was formely colonised by the Spanish in 1623 AD, and boasts a well-preserved Fort.  Building of the Fuerza de Santa Isabel, began in 1667 and completed in 1738.  The chapel and cannons are still intact and the Fort remains a favourite place amongst locals for celebrating birthdays, with picnics.

Taytay is surrounded by rolling hills and great views and, like El Nido, has many nearby islands which you can visit on island hopping tours.  Some of these islands also have resorts, such as Flower Island and the newly opened Noa Noa Island.

Taytay, like El Nido, has electricity for only part of the day; 6pm until 6am.  There are also no ATM's in Taytay, so all transactions are done on a cash-only basis.

Fuerza Santa de Isabel Taytay Palawan  Taytay Palawan